Housing Options

We have been helping area residents live in safe, decent and affordable housing since 1980. Our goal is to make sure that no one is left without adequate housing. In order to achieve that goal, we are working hard to improve the efficiency with which we deliver services and programs that help families become self-sufficient.


Rental Assistance Section 8 (OUR WAITLIST IS CLOSED):
This nationally available assistance program, administered by HUD, provides rent assistance to families struggling to make ends meet. An application process is required to determine eligibility. The amount of assistance will depend on family size and household income. In order to qualify, a family must provide social security cards for all household members, proof of income and residency history for the past 5 years. Assistance is rarely provided immediately since HUD restricts the total number of vouchers that can be issued in a community. In Montrose County, a maximum of 265 vouchers are been authorized. A waiting list is kept in order of preference and in order of the date and time of application. Contact:  Summer (970) 323-5445 Ext. 1


Farm Labor Housing:
Montrose County is an agricultural community. As such, special assistance is offered to U.S. citizens working in farm related work. In 1993, 12 duplex units were built on scattered sites located throughout Olathe consisting of a total of 24 three and four-bedroom family rental units.  Contact:  Diane (970) 323-5445 Ext. 5

Elderly Housing:
Our signature elderly housing project is the 24-Unit Olathe Meadows. These are 1 bedroom apartments and are located in Olathe, Colorado. The apartments are well maintained and situated adjacent to the Olathe Meadows Community Center where senior luncheons are provided 3 days a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The units have a newly remodeled community room, with laundry facilities and restrooms. In addition, the property has nice landscaped common areas. The apartments are subsidized by HUD and so rent is very low. They are equipped with TV satellite communications. Contact:  Diane (970) 323-5445 Ext. 5

Multi Family Housing:
Our multi-family housing project is the 24-units on Barbara Court. These are 1 bedroom apartments and are located in Montrose. The apartments are well maintained and situated near shopping and a bus stop. In addition, the property has nice landscaped common areas. Most of the apartments are subsidized by USDA/RD. Contact:  Diane (970) 323-5445 Ext. 5